RQ2022 El Flamenco’s Rosé Garnacha


Release Date: April 2022

Spain Rosé Garnacha


Delight in the spirited El Flamenco – the most passionate performance in all of Spain! Like the soft clatter of castanets and light stamping footwork, El Flamenco’s Rosé Garnacha builds sweetly, gradually increasing in energy and tempo – building to a zesty crescendo that fades on lush strawberry and floral aromas. Discover the excitement and appeal of El Flamenco’s performance – it will thrill and captivate your imagination –¡Olé!

Tasting Notes: Strawberry and floral aromas mingle in a delightfully, refreshing medium-bodied Rosé that bursts on the palette – best enjoyed chilled.
Food Pairings: Delicious with smoky, grilled seafood paella, and Spanish-style, jumbo prawns tossed in a lemon-garlic sauce.


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