Winecrafters Dartmouth’s All Juice Booking program allows discerning wine enthusiasts the opportunity to explore their passion of traditional craft winemaking.

Our 100% Grape Must was developed by pasteurizing our Fresh Grape Must, sourced from specific vineyards, WITHOUT any concentrate or added water, resulting in a shelf-stable vinification product. The main benefit is… NO water has been removed; therefore, no water needs to be added. Our shelf-stable vinification product ensures your favorite varietals will be available year-round.

Winecrafters’ 100% Grape Must vinification products are guaranteed to produce a quality wine unmatched by that of any made from concentrate product.  You just need to be a little more patient for the characteristics to develop.

Your selection will be recorded and once the threshold of 16 totes of Grape Must is achieved, the Grape Must will be shipped to Winecrafters Dartmouth.  Once received in store, we will contact you and arrange a time for you to and come into the store; purchase and pitch the yeast.


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